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Edition 74: Titanic Reverse Logistics Mistakes
April 2015

Edition 73: FedEx and GENCO: A Powerful Combination
March 2015

Edition 72: Sustainability in the Supply Chain
February 2015

Edition 71: A New Standard Labeling Protocol for Reverse Logistics
January 2015

Edition 70: New Developments in Tablet Computer Repair
December 2014

Edition 69: Returns: Management in a Customer Centric Landscape
November 2014

Edition 68: The Amazon Effect: Why We Must Pay Attention to Our Customers
October 2014

Edition 66: How Intel’s Reverse Logistics Strategy Took Customer Excellence to the Next Level
August 2014

Edition 65: Reverse Logistics Pavilions - a Solution Worth Seeing
July 2014

Edition 65: Pavilhão de Logística Reversa – uma solução que agrega muito valor!
July 2014

Edition 63: Why Remanufacturing is Essential to the UK Economy
May 2014

Edition 62: Demystifying Regional Attributes for a Consistent Global RL Program
April 2014

Edition 61: Reverse Logistics Lessons from Afghanistan
March 2014

Edition 67: Residue Network - Ecosystem of Innovation for Waste Management
September 2014

Edition 64: How to Set Up an E-Commerce Reverse Logistics Framework Strategy for the Industrial Space as Proven By the Retail World
June 2014

Edition 60: Bold Work-Out
February 2014

Edition 59: Reverse logistics can create big value for small business startups
January 2014

Edition 58: Rolls-Royce Corporation reduces cost and improves efficiency in the Reverse Logistics
December 2013

Edition 57: ‘Dis-Like’ Consumers Take to Social Media to Complain about Retailers
November 2013

Edition 56: Plunging Demand for CRTs Sends Glass Market Down the Tubes
October 2013

Edition 55: NOKIA Recycles with Trees
September 2013

Edition 54: Retailers’ Supply Chains Can Thrive with a Product Lifecycle Logistics Approach
August 2013

Edition 53: Afghanistan Withdrawal: Equipment Retrograde
July 2013

Edition 52: Asset Retirement Breeds New Channels
June 2013

Edition 51: Sustainability: One Mission, One Team
May 2013

Edition 50: Enhancing Sustainability Through Your Reverse Supply Chain
April 2013

Edition 49: RLA Conference & Expo: São Paulo 2013 Preview
March 2013

Edition 48: The Marriage of Enterprise and the Mobility Market - Is There a Simple Solution for a Successful Union?
February 2013

Edition 47: Global Reverse Logistics Transformation
January 2013

Edition 46: The Next Frontier Of Competitive Wars In Supplier Management
December 2012

Edition 45: US Army Laser-Focused on Asset Accountability
November 2012

Edition 44: Successful Tests Open the Door to the Future Transport System
October 2012

Edition 43: The Road to Opportunity in Wholesale Distribution
September 2012

Edition 41: The Lion and the Mouse: A Reverse Logistics Story
July 2012

Edition 40: Mapping Reusables Into Your Supply Chain
June 2012

Edition 39: RLA Conference & Expo: Amsterdam 2012 Preview
May 2012

Edition 38: Reverse Logistics in the Military Theater of War: Managing the Deficit
April 2012

Edition 37: RLA Conf & Expo: Brazil 2012 Preview
March 2012