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RL Magazine: Edition 37

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The Challenges and Opportunities for Mobile Phones After Sales in 2012
by David Cope, MGH Consulting

Raising The Bar Through Outsourcing
by Ryan Smith, MyCirclePal.Com

Reverse Logistics as a Legal Demand in Brazil: The New Solid Waste Act
by André Luiz Pereira

Logística reversa como uma demanda jurídica no brasil: Nova lei de resíduos sólidos
by André Luiz Pereira

Feature Articles

Technical Trends - Gedankenexperiment
by L. Bryant Underwood

Returning Thoughts: Increase Profits using the Reverse Logistics Cost Equation
by Paul Rupnow


Message from the Editor - Macau
by Lyndsey Turner

Message from the Publisher
by Gailen Vick

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