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Message From the Publisher - Staying Strategic Instead of Following Others
By Gailen vick

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In today’s information age, reported business trends and styles can have a huge impact on policy and direction of your company. Senior management can easily become distracted and move away from proven business methods as a result of board pressure. The business world is not mundane at all, confusion from not having a global marketing plan or strategic direction for revenue growth can and will be problematic.

That is why RLA has, from its beginning in 2002, assisted our members to stay strategic in their support of vendors and customers. Both the VIP Program and the Lead Generator Program laid the foundation for our exciting annual global Conference Invitation Program (CIP) that was beta tested in 2011!

So what is the CIP? This program reminds 3rd Party Service Providers to stay focused on their strategic objections while measuring the success of individual sales/marketing members and rewarding their team for meeting their company’s milestones. The CIP also allows OEMs and Retailers to conduct Quarterly Business Reviews well in advance on a annual basis so no vendors or prospective vendor are missed. Best practices are formulated and debated before implementation. We all know the importance of reducing and staying within travel budgets while conducting meetings with vendors, well the CIP assist to reduce those costs.

How is this done? Management is provided a dashboard for monitoring the success of each contributor. Marketing/Sales and Procurement Management can visually see who their team is arranging meetings with on a global basis. Now you can measure how often you are meeting with vendors and customers. Don’t hesitate to ask your Account Manager or Business Solutions Team on the details of the CIP.

Again, I invite you all to come to the Reveres Logistics networking event in Brazil , this region has become a power-house for a growing economy with companies that need support to meet the their expanding growth. So don’t forget to book your flight and room in São Paulo at the Hotel Novotel São Paulo Jaragua Convention Center where you will see the size of the market in South America.

Just a reminder to use the CIP annual marketing solution to invite your vendors and customers to RLA Conference and Expo to São Paulo, Brasil.

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