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By Gailen vick

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Our staff at RLA just returned from the RLA Conference & Expo in São Paulo, Brasil. It is always fun to travel to other parts of the world to see how professionals in RL manage their day-to-day operations. We had great success with debate about best practices and discussions on RL tax laws and trade compliance issues, please take a look in this editions for details.

Outsourcing; I want to review with everyone the importance of outsourcing departments and functions that are non-essential to your company mission while still being important to corporate objectives (example: repair/screening vs customer satisfaction). Your company needs to sit down and review these two areas; non-essential vs corporate objectives.

Once you have finished an valid review, management can see graphically the departments/functions that are not a company core discipline, lacking in meeting corporate objectives or overhead cost doesn’t justify the practically of internal existence in your company.

Measurements of these functions are paramount to customer satisfaction while eliminating over-head cost. Here are some helpful tools;

  1. Out Sourcing Process
  2. Workshop Material for Successful Outsourcing

No matter what your approach, make sure that you create a climate for success, if you haven’t outsourced before, then find a consultant that can help you. There are consultant firms that have helped so many companies in the outsourcing process. But you will have to look around to find a good one with experience. Here is another helpful tool that RLA has for our members to find a good consultant.

Gailen Vick
Founder & Executive Director

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