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By Lyndsey Turner

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Amsterdam, I’m told, has 780,000 people who live in Amsterdam own an estimated 881,000 bicycles. Clearly, the Dutch love their bikes but moreover they have found a way to make biking easy, fun and safe for people of all ages. The rest of the worlds large cities should adopt a culture like this, so what is Amsterdam doing?

Well, they have dedicated bike lanes everywhere. Major streets, side streets, parks and along the canals you will see bikes, bike and more bikes. Parking your bike is no problem, not only does this city provide bike racks everywhere but there are also bike-parking garages. A mammoth parking garage is right at the entrance of the main train station (pictured here).

The city is set up for bikes as a city would be for vehicles. They signal their turns, watch out for crossing traffic and there are signs posted warning pedestrians to watch out for cyclist.

New ideas are emerging in Amsterdam as well. Communal bikes are putting up public parking pads in different locations, you pay a yearly fee and pick up and drop off the bike as you wish. Electric bikes with charging stations are being introduced to those who no longer can pedal long distances but don’t want to give up the cycling lifestyle.

What’s not to love about a city that bikes? It’s good for the environment, you save money on gas and vehicle maintenance, its amazing exercise and it allows you to be outdoors when now a days most of us spend the day inside.

So ride your bike to help the environment and your wallet!

Happy Travels!

Lyndsey Turner, Editor • Editor@RLA.org

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