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By Gailen Vick

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10 Year Anniversary!

Our staff just returned from the RLA Conference & Expo in Amsterdam. Business was conducted and exchanged, the weather was great for June and Amsterdam was lovely as always, the canal cruise was the best ever! I want to thank our Exhibitors and Sponsors.

It is hard to believe that the Reverse Logistics Association was founded 10 years ago. Here are the concepts and solutions that was noted in the original business plan;


Reverse Logistics Association will ... offer cost-effective research ... and reduces the marketing cost for Third Party Service Providers (3PSP). Additionally, RLA will become a stabilizing force in the industry by encouraging large and small service providers to discuss joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

  1. ...Manufacturers need to be informed about the technology breakthroughs that are occurring...
  2. Third Party Service Providers are looking for a way to reduce their marketing overhead...
  3. ...RLA well access 3PSPs... through our online surveys and match it to our Retail & Manufacturer database in order to determine the future needs... As the RL Process matures, RLA should play an instrumental role...in helping company leaders gather information on Reverse Logistics.

RLA will develop a...clearinghouse of information available to those companies that join...


  1. RLA’s first product will be a complete database of the worldwide Third Party Service Providers that perform...repair and support services.
  2. RLA and will author a quarterly newsletter of the latest events, trends, industry changes and business changes...
  3. RLA will develop...a for news clipping service. The clipping service will focused on repair services in the reverse logistics industry. The homepages of most service providers will be monitored on a daily basis along with clippings from any press announcements
  4. Once a year, RLA will host a Trade Conference to gather professional from the Service Providers and the Retail & Manufacturing Companies to one location. Service Providers will be able to present their products in a cordial environment. Both Service Providers and Retail and Manufactures will present presentations on the subjects of reverse logistics.

As the founder, I believe that we have met and exceeded our goals... What the next 10 years holds for RLA and our members is a mystery, but it will be a bumpy, but exciting ride!

Gailen Vick - Founder & Executive Director

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