RL Magazine
Edition 41
Message From the Publisher
By Gailen Vick

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Customer Service

I sometimes assume that everyone knows that RL Magazine is owned and operated by the Reverse Logistics Association. Last month was the 10th year since I founded RLA on June 22nd. My life has been a personal whirlwind since that date. So much has been accomplished in bringing together 3rd Party Service Providers at our Conference & Expos in a setting that Manufacturers and Retailers are able to evaluate solutions that are available. RL Magazine has been able to bring to the attention best practices that have been found as our Staff has visited companies around the world. We have become a platform for business to advertise new products and technologies to companies that are looking for solutions.

It is with that tradition that this month’s edition of RL Magazine has 2 great stories of “site visits” by our Staff. We visit companies all around the globe and more than occasionally we find companies that have new or proven ideas that are worth noting. The first “site visit” articles this month come from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and the second is from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

No matter what we see or hear on these “site visits” by our Staff, the underlying theme is always the same, Customer Service. So make sure that you pay attention to Avnet’s Integrated Services and Renova Technology’s service solutions that are highlighted in this month’s issue.

If you are feeling the bite of the global recession or just want to serve your customers better, look within to your customer service departments. If you are not aware of the customer retention and satisfaction that is generated from these groups, look again. More corporations are using tools such as “Net Promoter Scores” to judge just how well they are doing with improving customer relationships.

I hope you will continue to use RL Magazine as your tool for information on Reverse Logistics just as you have turned to the Reverse Logistics Association for helping you meet the key contacts in this fascinating process of RL. Oh, and don’t forget our Weekly News Clipping that we have been publishing for over 9 years.

As you can tell, we the RLA Staff are working overtime to make sure you are served. I hope that you have heard about our Live Steaming Video and Recorded Steaming Video of the RLA Conferences & Expos!

Best regards,
Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher

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