RL Magazine
Edition 44
Message From the Publisher: Supply Chain Management turns to Reverse Logistics for Cost Saving
By Gailen Vick

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Our staff at Reverse Logistics Magazine is always working hand in hand with the Reverse Logistics Association to monitor new and exciting solutions that equate to cost saving. Two of our articles highlight the theme of cost savings in this edition of RL Magazine.

Supply Chain Management will do well by reading “Importance of Reverse Logistics in SCM” on page 28. Just imagine finding saving with right under your fingers tips. That is just what you will find when you employ your Reverse Logistics department to explore and manage your assets.

The story on page 12 on Volvo Trucks running field tests on vehicles powered by bio-DME, a fuel derived from “black liquor” that when compensated with biomass known as forest slash, which is branches and the tops of trees that are left over when forests are cut down and, instead of burning it, it is gasified and converted into a synthetic gas which can then be used to produce a fuel that could replace up to 50 percent of the diesel that is currently being consumed by commercial vehicles in Europe within the next 20 years.

Every industry has a real need to look inwardly at the assets that are being thrown away each month. Who would have ever thought that “branches and the tops of trees” would be able to fuel your tractor-rigs across the country?

Best Regards,
Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher

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