RL Magazine
Edition 45
Message From the Publisher: Assets, More than Property
By Gailen Vick

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We are in a transition here at RL Magazine; our editor Lyndsey is moving into a position where she can use her artistic design abilities full-time. We will miss Lyndsey as she has been our editor for over 3 years and it is fitting that she has managed the transition of RL Magazine from hard copy print to Digital. Laura Nixon who is our editor of the weekly News Clippings is stepping up to take over RL Magazine Editorial responsibility. Both have and will continue to be a real asset to us.

The word “Asset” is one of the terms we use in the definition of Reverse Logistics. Our cover story does well in explaining the importance of managing assets (property). But assets are much more than property. Lyndsey and Laura are living intellectual property that is worth more than piece of material. You might want to look around your company to see what your most valuable assets are.
Our definition of Reverse Logistics has changed over the last 10 years to encourage all industries towards managing their assets. Our first written definition was; "In other words, anytime money is taken from the company's coffers, to support products, that is a Reverse Logistics operation".

We don’t like changes unless it is needed, but it is time to update the definition again;

“Reverse Logistics is the scientific method of managing assets, in every department in all industries and across all disciplines”.

In other words, humans are the assets of the HR department, as material, manufacturing and cost are the assets of supply chain department, whereas parts, time and customer service are the assets of the service department, finance’s asset is revenue... And so the list could go on and on.

We have continually encouraged the need for a Corporate Reverse Logistics Department that works closely with finance to monitor un-budgeted expenditures. This department educates and supports the managing of assets across all departments, not just parts and products. IP in every form needs to be monitored as an asset to maximum value. We hope that you will look inwardly at your true assets with the assistance of trained Corporate Reverse Logistics Department.
Please welcome our new partnership with KamiKaze B2B Media in Mumbai, India as we increase our reach across the globe to support RL Professionals. On January 23 & 24 at the Asia Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit, KamiKase and RL Magazine are sponsoring a Reverse Logistics Forum on the last day. I hope you will tell your colleagues in Asia to come and meet with other RL professionals at the RL Magazine display on the main floor of the conference.

Best Regards,
Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher

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