Edition 46
Message From the Publisher
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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I think our editor, Laura Nixon makes a great point this month in her message on Branding with her thoughts on image, property and core values. Our RLA Standards Committee has been researching this subject on Warranty cost and is writing a paper (you can download a draft copy now!) that will be published in February at our Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

So the point I want to make this month; there are so many competing voices within a company, with overlapping responsibilities. These structures create redundancy, confusion, and waste.

Unfortunately, too often itís only after some significant failure that a company sees the problem of such a structure and finally considers the value of improving communication. There are many examples of this, but I will dwell on just one, the battle between Sales and Marketing Departments. Itís time that companies implement a cohesive strategy to bring seemingly disparate functions together within one model.

The one we hear the most is; why should Marketing have to set up the meetings with customers at a conference, that is the Sales department job! Of course Sales is saying, here we go again, Marketing has us going to another show, and we want to call on customers!

Corporate want results and would like both departments to measure and report on the results since so much revenue is spent on this branding exercise. Over the last two years we have worked with Corporate, Marketing and Sales groups to develop an Annual Marketing Plan that address these issues that I have mentioned. Take some time to look at the details.

Here is a document to stream-line some of your other departments;
Defining Organizational Roles: A Case for Change
If you are a RL user, you can down load it.

Again welcome our new partnership with KamiKaze B2B Media in Mumbai, India. On January 23 & 24 at the Asia Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit, KamiKase and RL Magazine are sponsoring a Reverse Logistics Forum. I hope you will tell your colleagues in Asia to come and meet with other RL professionals at the RL Magazine display on the main floor of the conference.

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