Edition 47
Message from the Editor - A Small Card Has a Big Impact
by Laura Nixon, Editor for RL Magazine & News Clippings, Reverse Logistics Association

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In today’s business environment, the need to obtain a competitive edge is vital. Business entities, regardless of size, compete for the attention of customers. The resulting advertising expenses continue to mount, representing an expensive price for exposure. However, there is one means of exposure that companies have begun to take increased advantage of in recent years that does not require a costly advertising budget: the business card. A good business card will be noticed, and product/service awareness is an important aspect for any business entity to accomplish.

In fact, what many associations have discovered is that the business card allows for both a creative, flexible and inexpensive form of direct marketing. A business card is handed directly to the customers who are most interested in the services or products that the business has to offer. Company representatives can simply provide any party that is interested a card that contains all of the relevant information. With a little creative ingenuity, a business card will not only promote a business entity, service or product; but also provide a vehicle in which to convey the principles or mission of a company.

Most definitely, a creative touch is more promising to draw the attention of business card holders. One of the important functions of the business card is to help potential clients to remember the services and products that are being offered. While the average business card is sometimes found in 3 ½’ X 2” dimensions; many card dispensers and their cards, have engaged in being unique and setting themselves apart from the rest. It is not unheard of for business cards to feature exceptional design formats or even eccentric shapes in order to capture the customer’s attention.

A business card can allow creativity of the maker and this can create a positive effect and be perceived as a direct reflection. Simply put, the distribution of a well designed business card can directly correlate to an increase in sales and business. Advertising is the key and the business card is a direct link to the client. With a great business card, a company can be confident that the information presented about itself and product is exactly where it needs to be, in the hand of the consumer. This is a measure of direct product exposure and cannot be duplicated in any other form of media advertising. As with a television or printed advertisement, there is no guarantee of how many people will be exposed. By using a business card, the company is more accountable for their clients.

It is for this very reason that business cards should be designed and produced with attention to detail. After all, the image of a business entity is represented in the card that has a potential of reaching hundreds, if not thousands of customers. Quality appearance and presentation equates in the mind of the card holder as a valuable product or service. Do not let the idea of business cards being small and seemingly unimportant be a deterrent, it is essential that every care be taken to express a sense of professionalism and competence.

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