Edition 47
Message from the Publisher - Global Support Services Validity
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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As I write this editorial I find myself returning from a Reverse Logistics event that was held in Mumbai, India by AMSCS which we co-sponsored for our membership. The proliferation of RL events is very satisfying for me personally. Just think, only 10 years ago the first Reverse Logistics event in the world was held with 247 souls and over a hundred companies!

I had felt that expanding our events into India might be received well, but after my visit to India this week, I realize that we should have done so 1-2 years ago. Interest in the RL process by supply chain professionals that live in India is amazing. They cambered for information on the subject, unfortunate, not all the information that is being provided is accurate. I see the same tainting of information going on everywhere I visit. Many times I see Consultants and Research firms providing advice and data that hasnít been verified by anyone. Now Iím not saying that there arenít good consultants and research firms, on the contrary, there are, just far and wide between.

How do you know when you are being advised correctly? This could be fatal to your company and your career, if you determine that the advice or date you have paid astronomical amounts for is invalid, flawed or aged. Since we donít provide either consulting or research services, RLA introduced RL Consultant and RL Research, both of these membership products were developed to confirm that the agency or firm that you are about to engage is truly who they say they are. We simply check their credentials by verifying their past clients for you.

With a market size of over 250 million, the need for RL services in India to support this growing group of middle-class consumers is mind-bogging. We will launch an Indian event. So if you are interested in or you have vendors in that area supporting you, prepare to a join us in November, 2014 for our first RLA Conference & Expo in India. The RLA APAC Committee will be picking the date and location for that event. Please share an opinion on the location or date, please voice you preference by joining the APAC Committee.

I want to thank KamiKaze B2B Media and Mr. Harish for helping RLA collect the data for the market size of RL in India. Also thanks for the invitation to the Asia Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit, along with the Reverse Logistics Forum. I hope you will tell your colleagues in Asia to come and meet with other RL professionals at this future conference.

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