Edition 48
Reverse Logistics Merger and Acquisitions
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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In 2002 as I was writing the business plan for the future of the Reverse Logistics Association, one area that was discussed was, “As the industry matures, Reverse Logistics Association should play an instrumental role in matching OEM and 3PSP companies for mergers and acquisitions.”

That is exactly what has happened. The number of mergers and acquisitions that has resulted due to the networking that has occurred at our many conferences, Seminars, workshops and expos is phenomenal. Just look at a few that we have listed below:

Company Acquisitions
1. Arrow Electronics - acquisition of TechTurn, Asset Recovery, Redemtech, Global Link, Flection, Converge & Intechra.
a. Redemtech had acquired PC Asset Recovery and Electronics Recycler
2. Avnet acquires assets of Nexicore, Pinnacle Data Systems and Round2 Technologies
a. Round 2 had acquired Monitex
3. Ingram Mirco - acquisition of BrightPoint who had acquired Touchstone Wireless
4. Flextronics acquisition of Solectron who had acquired MDT
5. Genco - acquisition of ATC
6. ModusLink acquires Tech for Less and PTS Electronic
7. Teleplan acquires Atlantis Printer Solutions
8. PTC acquires Servigistics
9. Inmar acquires Carolina Logistics
10. Sims acquires E-waste, United Recycling, Life Cycle Services and Global Investment Recovery
11. Leading Ridge Capital acquires Blue Raven and DRS

Company Mergers
1. Frontlines mergers with Netlinks
2. Home Direct merger with Beacons
3. Cat Logistics is now Neovi
4. Cokeva mergers with Comtek

This list is by no means all the Mergers and Acquisitions that have happened, but I felt it would give you some idea of how we are fulfilling our mission of “…. many service providers that are the size of mom-and-pop shops which will provide new technologies and solutions in RL and will be acquired by mid-scale and large multinational 3PSPs.

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