Edition 49
Message from the Publisher - World Wide Solutions in RL
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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No matter where I travel and meet RL professionals (from Mumbia, India to Bentonville, Arkansas), I learn solutions to issues that exist in other parts of the world. That is the main reason that we have our global event in Sao Paulo, Brasil each Fall in the southern hemisphere in the month of April. Yet just as important is the knowledge we learn from the European’s in June at our Amsterdam Conference. But don’t forget the challenges that face the Asian RL professionals that we visit each September in Singapore. All this is combined at yet another event in Las Vegas each year in February. So knowledge of RL is shared, debated and reviewed time and time again during the year to reach what is considered to be the best in solutions. Best practices surface at the top as professionals present, and subjects are discussed in panels that are moderated by the best minds in the various industries.

As I have said in this editorial in months past: ‘The word “Asset” is one of the terms we use in the definition of Reverse Logistics….But assets are much more than property……

Our definition of Reverse Logistics has changed over the last 10 years to encourage all industries towards managing their assets….. We don’t like changes unless it is needed, but it is time to update the definition again; “Reverse Logistics is the scientific method of managing assets, in every department in all industries and across all disciplines”…. Not only supply chain solutions in the High Technology Industry, but all industries and every department from Legal to Human Resources.

We have continually encouraged the need for a Corporate Reverse Logistics Department that works closely with finance to monitor un-budgeted expenditures. This department educates and supports the managing of assets across all departments, not just parts and products. IP in every form needs to be monitored as an asset to maximize value…

These are the reasons that we continue to look globally for new legions of professional that can share new light on the discussion of MANAGING ASSETS.

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