Edition 51
Message from the Editor - Salary or Satisfaction
by Laura Nixon, Editor, RL Magazine, Reverse Logistics Association

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I recently read an article published by Philips and wanted to expand on the findings. It’s simply titled ‘Satisfaction Beats Salary.’ They conducted a survey and found that professionals and graduates alike expect their careers to provide additional substance besides just a paycheck. Certain factors such as happiness, personal interests, satisfaction, shared employer success, and overall well being are all important aspects of what is considered when finding a career or a job.

Personally, I have worked for various small companies up to a large corporation. In my work experience, I have had many different managers and all are different in each way. Some I love as family, and others not so much. There can be an unknown source of animosity between the manager and workers, and for whatever reason, this will never dissipate. This creates an undesirable environment. In turn, the happiness is not there, nor is the desire to stay at an unsettling workplace.

The workforce attitude is being shifted and redefined. Personal interests are what keep people engaged and committed. Climbing the corporate ladder seems like a statement of the past. I used to have a desire to accomplish this but was discouraged after working for a large corporation. I thrive in an environment that lets employees flourish and encourage achievable measures. This creates a satisfaction where salary has no implication.

The survey revealed that almost a quarter of workers would be willing to take a pay cut of 25 percent or more. This in itself implies a great deal and only confirms that overall well-being and happiness are the majority deciding factors. I can admit to taking a pay cut for happiness in several of my job choices, not just one. It has taught me a lot about myself by way of what I can tolerate, and what I will sacrifice for a higher salary.

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