Edition 52
Message from the Publisher - Why Reverse Logistics was Defined
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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What an exciting time for those of us that work in the process of Reverse Logistics! Here are a few reasons that Iím so optimistic about the process we manage:

1. Major improvements are being made in the process across all industries and departments as companies have met together to share best practices at our Conferences & Seminars.

2. Academics are working with industry to help legislators understand the impact RL has on environmental and sustainability.

3. Mergers and acquisitions of 3PSPs are increasing as Investment Banks and Venture Capitalists learn about the positive margins that can be gleamed.

So why was it necessary to define Reverse Logistics?:

1. An oversight group was needed to connect all departments of the same company to manage their assets, from HR to Supply Chain and from Engineering to Customer Service. A group that should be reporting into the Finance Department.

2. RL was such a small part of each department that the process was over-looked, ignored.

3. Assets were thrown away and miss-managed because of the inability to see the complete financial picture.

Please take a look at the growing definition of REVERSE LOGISTICS. Why growing? Because we just added Remanufacturing to make sure no one forgets this important element of RL.

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