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India e-Waste Recycle Market Revenue Potential Expected to Double by 2018
17 August 2013 -- E-Waste management is a common problem faced by both developed countries and developing countries. Electrical and electronic equipments and gadgets such as refrigerators, washing machines, computers and printers, televisions, music systems, mobiles, i-pods, are part of the every growing list of items that form part of the e-waste landscape. While the list is growing so is the quantity as these products are getting more affordable and more and more people are using them. Increasing usage also leads to more of them coming up for disposal, thus increasing the rate of obsolescence and replacement. Full Article

E-Waste: South Africa's Next Gold Rush?
17 August 2013 -- With its rapidly growing appetite for electrical and electronic devices, the tide of domestically produced e-waste is set to rise significantly in South Africa. But with a number of incoming laws, regulations and voluntary agreements, the e-waste recycling industry has a golden opportunity to protect the environment and prosper. Full Article

National Demolition Association's Environmental Excellence Awards Salutes Projects in Seven U.S. States and Canada
16 August 2013 -- Projects cleaned up hundreds of contaminated acres of land in Nevada, aided in the redevelopment of a Michigan city, remediated a former paper mill site, recycled lumber into bio-fuel, and lead to the reuse of reclaimed materials in high-profile new construction sites. Full Article

Retail Logistics
15 August 2013 -- Supply logistics is a priority of retailers, yet getting returned goods out of stores - reverse logistics - is seldom afforded the same priority. It's a shortcoming Craig Plowden aims to rectify through his brainchild, Revlogs. Full Article

Uncle Sam's garage sale: Military items up for auction
15 August 2013 -- The United States Government is trying to unload a lot of stuff the military used to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. From rafts to trucks and pretzel stands - What isn't scrapped or stored, ends up at the Sierra Army Depot in California. It's America's largest depository of military equipment with 35,000 acres of desert scrub and steel. Full Article

This is China’s chance to lead the way to sustainability
13 August 2013-China’s status as a global leader in carbon dioxide emissions gives it a unique opportunity to also be a leader in slashing them, experts say. Full Article

B2X Launches Global, End-to-End SMARTSERVICE Platform
Munich, Germany & San Francisco, CA--13 August 2013--B2X Care Solutions, the leading provider of customer care for electronic devices, today announced the launch of its SMARTSERVICE Platform, a global end-to-end customer care solution for manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile network operators and retailers globally. The new platform closes the customer experience loop through the addition of new frontend in-store, phone and automated services to its established backend solutions. B2X is the choice for companies in more than 110 countries worldwide, including Amazon, Assurant, Motorola, HP, Sony and others. Full Article


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