Edition 55
Message from the Publisher - Network and Stay Current
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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Iím sure that you have noticed the amount of networking that goes on through social media today. I visit many RLA Members each month and find that they donít have anyone managing social media. It is now time to move into the 21st century.

Tweet, poke and link, by means of the great social media tools that are out there. I was recently told that I should be much more active on LinkedIn, I thought I was doing well with over 1300 contacts, but was informed that I should have thousands. Companies are using Facebook to not only stay in touch, but to market their products. If you havenít been Tweeting lately, you are missing out on those followers that could make a difference to your business. Pinterest is just one of many areas that you need to be looking at. But, there are many more, like adding a video to You Tube.

There are blog sites that are talking about you in both positive and negative ways. I think you might want to monitor that activity and respond to both. Look, social media is not going away, so you should jump in no matter what level of knowledge you have in it. You can always outsource this function until your team can be developed. To get started you might want to find a partner that can help teach you how to move into this exciting area of social media.

Youíll find that many companies on the social media sites have limited knowledge on RL, so you will be able to help them as you move into this new world of marketing.

I look forward to seeing those members at our RLA Conference & Expo next week in Singapore.

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