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Message from the Publisher
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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Reverse Logistics Dilemma

For years now we have been encouraging companies to implement a reverse logistics department inside of their company. But who owns the enterprise inside the company for reverse logistics?

More importantly than who owns reverse logistics, who will step forward to actually uncover the benefits inside of a company that results in cost saving that are found when a RL Department is functioning.

There is a level of misunderstanding with who should take on new roles inside of any organization, yet at the same time there’s hesitation and sometimes even fear from middle management to make recommendations for new departments.

We highly recommend for all corporations to create a “C” level position for reverse logistics management. This individual would have;

• Authority to make changes on RL globally, but day-to-day responsibility would stay in the hands of each operating department

• Monitor the P & L to develop a Virtual profit center

• Acquire the necessary tools to support the finance department and report effectively to the Executive Staff

Best Regards,
Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher

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