Edition 59
Message from the Editor
by Felecia Przybyla, Eidtor, Reverse Logistics Association

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As our Las Vegas Conference & Expo is quickly approaching, I just want to make sure you, our readers, are aware of what takes place at this event, as well as our other events that we hold throughout the world each year. Inside this edition you will find our Conference Schedule for the Las Vegas event next month, so be sure to take a look at the companies and topics that will be represented. This event in Vegas will include Pre-Conference Workshops, RLA Committee Reports, a Keynote Address by Don Patch of iRobot, as well as some great Presentations and Panel Discussions by a variety of Retailers, Manufacturers, and other Reverse Logistics Professionals.

Since I have been with RLA, I have also worked with finding and inviting speakers to our event, and I occasionally get the response that the individual isnít an Expert in Reverse Logistics or is new to the industry, so they donít feel comfortable speaking on the subject. Of course, we donít want anyone to speak if they donít feel comfortable speaking, however, we also want you to know that Reverse Logistics is still an evolving industry, and weíre all still learning. Our Association is filled with Reverse Logistics Professionals who are all coming together to our events and our monthly committee meetings, to learn better practices of Reverse Logistics. This is where we all learn from others mistakes and challenges, as well as their discoveries and successes, so we ask you to share them. If you have a Reverse Logistics challenge or discovery, please come and share it for others to learn from. In addition, this monthly magazine is another great place to share these experiences. We are always looking for more stories to share with our readers on how to better their Reverse Logistics practices.

If you are interested in participating as a speaker at one of our events, or have a story to share in our Reverse Logistics Magazine, please contact me.

Thank you,
Felecia Przybyla

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