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Returning Thoughts
by Paul Rupnow, Director Reverse Logistics Software, Andlor Systems

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The importance of learning and sharing knowledge with other Reverse Logistics professionals is critical to the success of any Reverse Logistics operation. The recent Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo 2014 in Las Vegas was an excellent opportunity to hear, see and learn about Reverse Logistics best practices, tips and trends in our rapidly evolving industry. Below are some highlights and tips from two excellent presentations from iRobot and Cisco.

Return for Repair Metrics - iRobot uses returns for repair metrics to measure and improve customer service and their repair process. Key Metrics used to monitor Return for Repair processing: Days to Issue RMAs, Days to Issue Repair Estimate, Days to Repair, Total Repair Time (sum of all metrics). Once they began using and measuring these simple metrics, they achieved a reduction of over 75% of time within 18 months and significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Additionally, iRobot collects key quality data from their returns processing to improve product design, which has resulted in a significant reduction in return rate, plus significant product design changes to enable easier, faster and less expensive repair. They utilize a “learn from every return” methodology, says Don Patch, Director of Global Logistics, iRobot in his keynote presentation to the Reverse Logistics Association Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

Trade-In Programs for Profit- Cisco has developed a Trade-In Program for its resellers to realize value for returning networking products. Cisco also offers a Take-back and Recycling program for any owner of any Cisco product. In 2007, Cisco started a program to “unlock value in product returns”. This evolving program has resulted in very significant savings for the company. The Cisco Reverse Logistics Approach and its Product Recovery, Reuse, Resell and Recycle program highlights were presented by Mauricio Salinas, Business Development Manager of Pre-owned Equipment and Value Recovery Program Manager at Cisco.

Read, Listen, Watch, Ask Questions and Learn
This year for the first time, all presentations have been recorded and are available on-line at RLA.org, so even if you were not able to attend, you can learn from other professionals. The RLA is evolving as well and has developed many new programs in the last year for learning, sharing and meeting other Reverse Logistics Professionals. The answers are at your fingertips. Success at your Reverse Logistics operations may be closer than you think!
Paul Rupnow - Director, Reverse Logistics Systems, Andlor Logistics Systems Inc.

Editor - Reverse Logistics Professional Report Business Insights and Strategies for Managing Product Returns

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