Edition 69
Message from the Editor
by Laura Teifel, Editor, Reverse Logistics Association

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Efficient Workplace

I have previously discussed the importance of cross training individuals within the workplace and am reminded of the importance of this. Cross training individuals can be very beneficial to both the employee and employer. It is important to be able to adapt to the job requirements as well as to the needs of an employer. Taking on this task may feel overwhelming but can build employee morale and improve efficiency.

One benefit of cross training is to be able to have coverage when an employee has an illness or an extended leave of absence. This allows the employer to not have the burden hiring a temporary replacement and the worry of job completeness. This is also a competitive advantage to the employee having the knowledge of several job duties. Management will typically see these types of employees as self-starters and multi-taskers that take initiative. This can also be beneficial when a position becomes available. A new hire is not always the perfect option, being that an employee is already trained in house and familiar with the job responsibilities.

Another benefit is that an employee is able to learn new tasks while not remaining in the same department. This can help see the big picture of a company’s overall goals and allows employees to work more as a team. The long term effects of efficiency are enduring and worthwhile to all parties involved. It is important for everyone to feel as though they belong on the same team and can come together when difficult times are presented. This creates a rapport among employees. Long-term career development can ultimately be the key to success with cross training amongst multiple facets of a business.

Thank you,
Laura Nixon

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