Edition 73
Message from the Publisher
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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Membership Strengthens Everyone

I know that many of you enjoy the benefits of a membership of the Reverse Logistics Association. But some of you don’t realize the value that RLA brings for educational and networking! Please chat with others that are members and they will motivate you to become a corporate member. The Reverse Logistics Association monitors thousands of OEM, ODM, Branded and Retail companies worldwide who are looking for 3rd Party Service Providers in the Supply Chain. It is our objective to assist our members in reaching their marketing, networking and educational goals.

Since many of you have attended RLA Conferences and Seminars in the past, you might be eligible to upgrade your registration fee to a RLA Membership.

An Associate membership cost $2,999, but you can upgrade for only $2,000 to become a Conference Attendee to an Association Member.

A Bronze membership costs $5,499, but you can upgrade for only $4,500 to become a Conference Attendee to a Bronze Member.

You have 30 days from the date of the event to take advantage of this benefit, so act now to receive credit for your registration.

Here is a summary of RLA Member Benefits.

Below is a list of the RLA Events for the next year. The RLA@ Events gives our corporate members an opportunity to participate in the RLA Pavilion, so you can educate others on the Reverse Logistics process and show the solutions that your company offers.

If your company is a Corporate Member, you can volunteer by reserving time blocks in RLA’s exhibit/Private Meet Room spaces if you’re interested in volunteering your time to educate attendees about the process of Reverse Logistics.

Best Regards,
Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher

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