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Early Bird Offer Expires on Friday | Home Delivery World Europe 2015
16 March 2015 - Will you be joining 600+ retailers & B2C delivery professionals in April? Full Article

City IDA Unsure What Remains At E-Waste Facility
9 March 2015 - The city has not yet done an inventory at E-Waste Systemsí space at the Geneva Enterprise Development Center (GEDC) on Genesee Street to determine what ó if anything ó the company left behind. Full Article

Electronic Recycling Surges, Turns Profit In Westchester
9 March 2015 - Dying cathode-ray tubes and the appeal of smart televisions helped Westchester County's hazardous electronic-waste recycling numbers soar last year. Full Article

Consumer Models Stuck In The Stone Age
6 March 2015 - How would you feel if you no longer owned your own washing machine? Perhaps you already use a community laundry in the name of resource efficiency, but this would spell the end of a highly convenient domestic amenity. Full Article

Remanufacturing Sector Could Add Nearly £2bn To Scotland's Economy
5 March 2015 - The remanufacturing industry in Scotland has the potential to add nearly £2 billion to the nationís economy, Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead confirmed today. Full Article

Route Genie Offers More Choice In The Carrier Management Market Place
5 March 2015 - In September 2014, results emerged from a survey commissioned by law firm Thomas Eggar LLP which looked at consumer views on retail deliveries. The findings indicate that retailersí brand images are intrinsically linked to their logistics fulfilment. Full Article

County Sees E-Waste Recycling Boom
4 March 2015 - Thousands of pounds of waste have been recycled by county residents since last March, but itís not the traditionally gross, grimy trash. Full Article

UK Risks Losing Out On Over £3bn From The Remanufacturing Economy
3 March 2015 - The UK economy could be losing out on over £3 billion by failing to fully embrace the commercial opportunities of the remanufacturing revolution, a new report warns today. Full Article

Irwin Mine And Tunneling Supply Acquires Equipment Repairs Companies
3 March 2015 - Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply, an affiliate of Irwin Car and Equipment, has purchased Mescher Manufacturing Co. of Big Rock, VA, and Radford Remanufacturing & Assembly of Radford, VA. Full Article

Liz Swafford: More Than 2.6 Million Pounds Recycled In Dalton Last Year
3 March 2015 - Whatís the weight equivalent of 745 mid-sized cars and saves enough energy to power 139 households for a year? Thatís the 1,334 tons, or 2,668,020 pounds, of materials that residents in the city of Dalton recycled in 2014 through the cityís curbside recycling program. Full Article

Warning! Retailersí Environmental Enforcement Initiative In New York
2 March 2015 - Our retail clients with stores and warehouse facilities in the State of New York are warned that the State of New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) has announced that it will begin enforcing regulations relating to hazardous waste against big boxes, supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers which generate waste materials containing chemicals which are commonplace in household products, such as those in detergents, cosmetics, air fresheners, bug spray, and prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Full Article


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