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On the Cover

Digital Toe Tags: Using sQRrl code to increase the efficiency of computer repair and refurbishing.
by Ken Jacobsen, Vice President of Business Devellopement for Connexus, Connexus

Methods to Reduce the Effect of Unsalable Items within the Food Supply Chain
by Jessica Mallett, Writer, American Military University

How a 60-year-old Parts Distributor is Reinventing its Role in the Aftermarket Supply Chain
by , , Encompass

The Use of sQRrl codes in the food
by Ken Jacobsen, Reverse Logistics Standard Committee, Connexus

Why Remanufacturing is Essential to the UK economy
by Caroline Spelman, Member of the UK Parliament, All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group

Demystifying Regional Attributes for a Consistent Global RL Program
by Steve Freemerman, Dept Head and Manager of Global Reverse Logistics and Post S, GoPro

The Family Office: An Alternative Capital Solution
by Jay Lispey, Partner, McCombie Group

Feature Articles

Returning Thoughts
by Paul Rupnow, Director, Reverse Logistics Systems, Andlor Logistics System, Andlor Logistics Systems Inc.


Message from the Editor
by Felecia Przybyla , Editor, Reverse Logistics Association

Focus Committees
by Reverse Logistics Association

Message from the Publisher
by Gailen Vick, Founder & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

Advisory Board
by Reverse Logistics Association

Industry Committees
by Reverse Logistics Association

Regional Chapters
by Reverse Logistics Association

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