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Environment Group Pushes For Passage Of E-Waste Law
23 June 2017 - An environmental group on Thursday expressed support for a proposed law on the management of electronic waste (e-waste). Full Article

goTRG Appoints Reverse Logistics Industry Expert As New COO
22 June 2017 - goTRG (The Recon Group LLP), a leader in fully integrated supply chain and multi-channel selling solutions, today announced that Chuck Johnston joined the company as COO on Jun 12, 2017. Chuck\'s in-depth experience in the reverse logistics industry, combined with his ability to blend leadership, technology and operations excellence, will contribute to the company\'s continued outstanding growth trajectory. Full Article

OEM Collection Obligations Significantly Reduced In Oregon
22 June 2017 - Several years of lagging recovered material totals have led leaders of Oregon’s e-scrap program to slash weight targets for manufacturers beginning next year. Full Article

Circular Economy ‘Could Benefit London By £7bn A Year’
22 June 2017 - The circular economy could provide London with net benefits of at least £7 billion every year by 2036. Full Article

Electronic Recycling Market: Enforcement of Stringent Regulations for E-Waste Recycling Posits Europe as Leading Regional Market
22 June 2017 - Major players operating in the global electronic recycling market include AERC Recycling Solutions, A2Z Group, Dlubak Glass Company, American Retroworks Inc., Eco-Tech Environmental Services Inc., and CRT Recycling Ltd. Full Article

Funai Renews Agreement With Encompass To Be Exclusive Provider Of Parts Logistics Services For Philips Branded Consumer Electronics
21 June 2017 - Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of Distribution, 3PL and 4PL solutions for a diverse range of finished goods and replacement parts, today announced it has finalized an agreement to continue managing repair parts supply for the Philips brand, which is licensed by Funai Service Corporation. Full Article

Keeping Old Planes In tThe Air With Laser Scanning
21 June 2017 - Your father’s Oldsmobile may be long gone but his B-52 is still pulling missions, and they haven’t built the “BUFF” (Big Ugly Fat Fellow) since 1962. The last KC-135 tanker was built in 1965. Besides aging warbirds (the average plane in the US Air Force is over 28 years old) there are hundreds of ancient civilian airliners carrying friendlier payloads everyday. Full Article

Re-Teck Gears To Ramp Up Reverse Supply Chain Management For E-Waste
21 June 2017 - Re-Teck announced the opening of its new headquarters in Redwood City, Calif., in advance of the company’s expansion of its reverse supply chain management (RSCM) facility and the September opening of a RSCM facility in Milipitas, Calif. Full Article

Whatever Happened To Customer Support?
21 June 2017 - If you are having trouble on the internet—say, with Google or your Facebook account—who do you call? A lot of companies have customer service phone numbers, but is there a person at the other end? You\'re often dropped into a hellish automated loop (\"If your problem is related to the moon, press one\"). Full Article

LG’s Extended Warranty Is A Good First Step Towards Restoring Trust
20 June 2017 - Last week we learnt that LG is now offering a Second Year Promise Program, to extend the warranty of its LG G6 flagship from one year to two for new and existing customers. Full Article

Full-Service Logistics Company, BGI Worldwide Logistics, Inc., Expands Their Supply Chain Warehouse Services With The Opening Of A 30,000 Square Foot Facility Near Los Angeles
20 June 2017 - In an effort to provide customers with the highest quality of service, BGI Worldwide Logistics has opened a new warehouse facility in Rancho Dominguez. With a warehouse and operations staff of 15 full-time employees, the facility will serve as the primary operations center for the US Western Region. Warehouse services include consolidation and loading for ocean export containers, deconsolidation and domestic distribution for import containers, cross dock operations, storage and specialized service, customized to match the needs of our clients. Full Article


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