Edition 84
Message from the Publisher
by Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director & Publisher, Reverse Logistics Association

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August 1 is my first anniversary of taking over the Reverse Logistics Association. In the last year, there have been significant efforts by my new team to revitalize the RLA, provide members with an improved experience, and increase the value of the RLA for companies who have returned or joined for the first time. There is a new mission statement for the RLA, and it says we are a member driven organization. We listen to the needs of our members. Based on member surveys from this year’s redesigned Conference & Expo, the renewed RLA is meeting more of our members’ expectations, and we appreciate the support and commitment so many of you are giving.

I take your faith in my team and in the RLA very seriously as we plan additional changes and try to accomplish more in our second year. The RLA has an experienced and engaged Advisory Board of senior RL managers at major, global companies who want to see the association grow again around the world. The RLA Advisory Board encouraged and then approved the plans to have the RLA Conference return to Europe for the 10th occasion after an absence in recent years. The RLA will return to Amsterdam in October with support by the Advisory Board companies, as well as some of the major European companies and retailers in consumer products.

The RLA recognizes differences in the returns and reverse logistics culture around the world. The Amsterdam event will begin with a Circular Economy Day, as well as other topics that have more focus in Europe such as sustainability and recycling. And we will have European leaders in the companies who will give presentations and speak on panels. I was fortunate to attend several of the RLA Amsterdam events in the past, and I have stayed in touch with a few RLA colleagues who are still passionate about reverse logistics and who will participate. Know that when you attend the RLA Conference & Expo, you are with the only colleagues who can know your issues, and who have found solutions, and who are still looking for best practices to further improve their company’s results.

Plan to be at the 2017 RLA Amsterdam Conference, and plan ahead for the RLA Conference Las Vegas in February 2018. You will be with some of the best reverse logistics solutions managers in the world.
Best regards,
Tony Sciarrotta

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