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RLA Announces New Advisory Board Members
24 July 2017 - The Reverse Logistics Association announces the appointment of new members of its Board of Advisors. Most recently, joining the Board are Jack Allen of Cisco and Jim Rallo of Liquidity Services. Full Article

Recycling Burnt In Birmingham \'Waste Disaster\'
28 July 2017 - Household waste and recycling is being mixed together in Birmingham as huge piles of rubbish are cleared during a refuse workers\' strike. Full Article

Why Mobile Operators Must Break Free From Bad Customer Service
28 July 2017 - It’s an exciting time to work in the mobile industry, with 5G on the horizon and an increasing reliance on our mobiles and applications, the sector is at the forefront of technological innovation. Full Article

Why More And More Consumers Now Prefer To Share Rather Than Buy
27 July 2017 - Technology has redefined the concepts of sharing and renting, as Netflix has done with videos, Uber with transportation and Airbnb in hospitality. That may be just the beginning. Full Article

A Change In Ownership: How Resellers Can Benefit From The Circular Economy
27 July 2017 - According to the United Nations University (UNU), we disposed of 42 million tonnes of electronic waste globally in 2014, with a total value of €48 billion - yet only 15% of this was collected and treated. Full Article

Nestlé Netherlands Selects Kuehne + Nagel As Third-Party Logistics Provider
27 July 2017 - Confectionery company Nestlé has chosen Kuehne + Nagel as its logistics provider, with its chocolate, coffee and culinary products as well as pet and baby foods to be warehoused in the company’s distribution centre. Full Article

Asset Recycling And Its Potential For Infrastructure Savings
27 July 2017 - Asset recycling is a measure that enables the government to fund necessary infrastructure investments through proceeds made from the sale or lease of public assets, typically fixed assets, to the private sector. Full Article

California Doubles Offender E-Waste Recycling Program
27 July 2017 - An expansion of a California e-waste recycling program is providing valuable skills to the state’s offender population, as well as meeting waste-reduction goals. Full Article

Study: Majority Of Retailers Adding AI Tools Within Two Years
26 July 2017 - Eager to improve customer communication, a majority of retailers plan to increase in the use of artificial intelligence moving forward. Full Article

87% Of Retailers To Increase Use Of AI In Customer Engagement During Next 24 Months
26 July 2017 - Linc, the customer care automation platform that powers digital experiences to strengthen brand/shopper relationships, today announced the release of its new research study, How AI Technology Will Transform Customer Engagement. Full Article

Europe Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Market Size To Accelerate At A Rapid CAGR Of 6.4% By 2024
26 July 2017 - According to its report, titled “Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Market: Europe Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016-2024,” Persistence Market Research projects that during the forecast period, Europe’s automotive parts remanufacturing market will register a steady value CAGR of 6.4%. Full Article

Many Customer Service Workers Turn To ‘Retail Therapy’ To Cope With Rude Callers: Study
26 July 2017 - Do you find shopping therapeutic after a tense day at work? It may be rooted to your occupation. Service workers who are verbally abused by customers are more likely to indulge in stress-related shopping sprees, according to a recent study from Michigan State University. Full Article


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